My mother was the sniffing at this time.

I couldn’t have been sniffing. I was factually sobbing.

Now, don’t criticize me.

You don’t know me. You don’t know my tale. You don’t know the battles I have fought. I was the go-to-girl. Mine were the shoulders that others came to incline on. I was the one who calmed and consoled others. I was the elegant girl who told every other girl what to do. I could recognize a game from a thousand miles away. One glance at a guy and I could tell you whether or not he was a player. I knew all the behavior. I invented the game. Or so I liked to think.

I just got played and It was the most horrible kind.

Charles had left me high and dehydrated. He strided away just when our relationship was the high of the front pages of the magazines; just when I thought we were ready for television. Men are malevolence! Then the worst part, he did not walk away unaccompanied. He and Sophie had become a couple! I couldn’t believe it! How come I did not pick the signs? How did it occur right under my nose? How could my best friend be disloyal to me? Women are evil!

Whilst I was still furious and spew out words in my mind, my mother held me and began to pray for me. I felt goose bang flare around my body as she kept talking in words over my life. I was not a praying person – heck I did not yet know the last time I opened a Bible. I had lived my life by my own policy and I was okay with that. As my mum prayed and talked to God for me, I began to get soother. The hurt did not go. My heart hurt like infuse in a fresh wound. My hands quivered, but my mother kept praying. She must have prayed for an hour. I did not know how she did it but she in no way left me for a second.

Mummy, I am tired. I alleged.

She smiles ever so delicately, her tear packed eyes comforting me that everything would be fine.

I am weary. This is the second time. Am I coursed? I asked again, as the sharp hurt cut from side to side my heart. Rolls of clutched tissue plagued my room. Now the globe was going to hear that the Queen Bee herself was played. I felt like assassinating myself.

Would you come to church this nightfall? She inquire kindly.

As much as I wish for to gratify my mum and be around her, I was not prepared for all that church things. I had my life in front of me. I knew exactly what I wanted and I knew I would get it.

No, mum. I don’t want to go anywhere. I replied.

She did not disagree. She did not try to persuade me. Brushing her hair with her palm, she go up on her feet as she went to her room.

You better call the office to say that you wouldn’t be going to work. She break in proceedings at the door to look at me. You will be all right.

I was through. No more men; they were evil. No more best friends, they are the devil!

I was going to breathe life alone and on my conditions. I did not care what anyone contemplates.

I was done.

Just then, my phone rang….

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