Waking up with a start as my alarm watch buzzing irritably from the reading position. I extended my hands to impede it but I ruined up pushing it to the base. Immediately, my phone beeped again. Then again, and again.

Hearing my mum’s voice blasting from her room as she prayed. I wondered whay I even had to set the alarm. She prayed the same time every day, for the precedent four months she had been staying with me. Her unyielding voice rang through the walls as she prayed with such vitality. She called it praying in tongues. I call it rubbish! I got up slightly sluggishly and reached for my phone.

I knew it, I thought to myself. I hissed as I reached for my slippers and pulled my bath robe around me. Confounding into the bathroom, I looked into the mirror. My untidy hair was all over my face. I reached for my toothbrush as my mind began to drift……..

I sat tolerantly at the Cold-stone, my ice-cream melting bit by bit in front of me. I glanced at my pocket watch for the umpteenth time. Sophie was supposed to be here by now. I knew Charles would not come on time. That was his habitual behavior. I reached for the box of pizza, picked a rectangular piece and nibbled on it. It had been twenty minutes of waiting and I was becoming impatient. I watched couples walk in, holding hands like their relationships were copied in ecstasy. But, okay, there were not all amused. I had spent some time trying to get the words a couple was exchanging. They had come in jovial, but in no time, their chat had degenerated into a dispute. The pizza they requested for had not even been delivered before the lady hoped up and heaved her purse out of her bag. She certainly had her vex money prepared. As she stomps out, I observed the guy gazed helplessly at her retreating shape. Deprived guy.
I took a glimpse at my watch again. I knew my handset would bleep. It would be an sms from Charles saying he was apologetic and that he would turn up late. I could envisage his proceedings and his reactions. Taking another dig of my already dissolve ice-cream, I heard my phone beep. I was accurate. I confirm the sender. It was Charles. I was precise. I took my eyes off the handset as I knew precisely what the message was. For some rationale, I reached for the telephone again to read the message. This time I was incorrect. I was not prepared for what I read. Charles did not text to say he was going to be late. He was not coming at all. My hands began to tremble. Charles and I had been dating for full year currently. I had built my world around him. At this moment one sms from him had my world collapse. Charles had broken up with me……

I did not discern when the tears began to empty from my eyes.
Hellen! My mum’s voice incise throughout my thoughts. I was still in facade of the mirror, toothbrush in hand, my inflamed eyes still wet with tears.

My baby…. She stroll towards me and seized me in a motherly embrace.

Why does this all the time happen to me? What did I do wrong?
“Don’t speak like that, Hellen. Don’t.”

Immediately, my phone beeped again. My  mun reached for it.
Don’t worry. I know its Charles. I began.

No. it’s not Charles, my mum said. It’s Sophie.

Breathing in and trying to get a grasp of myself, I took the phone from her. I was not prepared for the message.

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