Militants have reportedly blown up a key oil platform in Nigeria’s delta region, the second such incident in about two months.

The Niger Delta Avenger, an amalgam of militants in the volatile oil region, said in a statement Thursday afternoon that it had blown up the Chevron Valve Platform located in the country's delta state.

“The high command of the Niger Delta Avengers wants to use this medium to thank strike team 6 for successfully blowing up of the Chevron Valve Platform. And we are ready to protect the Niger Delta people,” Madoch Agbinibo, its spokesman, claimed in a statement.

“This is what we promised the Nigerian government. Since they refused to listen to us we are going to zero [in on] the economy of the country,” the statement added.

The same group had blown up the Forcados 48-inch Export Pipeline in the region in February, resulting in a cut in gas supply and countrywide power outages.

This action appears to dare the country's leader Muhammadu Buhari who recently threatened a crackdown on the militants.

Incidents of pipeline sabotage were rife in the region until former President Goodluck Jonathan - from the area - came to power.

Pipeline explosions have gradually resumed since Buhari, a northerner, came to power last year.
The government has not commented on the latest explosion.

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