Ex-Playboy Playmate Gets Long-Awaited Gun Permit, Pistol for Self-Defense

On April 8, former Playboy Playmate Stephanie Adams received her long-awaited gun permit and purchased a .50 caliber Desert Eagle handgun to keep in her home for self-defense.

Adams was Playboy’s Miss November in 1992.
In April 2015, Breitbart News reported Adams was in a back-and-forth with the New York Police Department in which she suggested they were denying the issuance of her gun permit due to a personal animus. She suggested this animus was the result of a $1.2 million excessive force judgment she won against the NYPD in 2012. And the Daily Mail reported the NYPD “Licence Department also used a sexy picture posted on the Internet of Adams wearing a skimpy mock police uniform and holding a gun as a reason to deny her.”
At the same time, the NYPD voiced concerns that “domestic complaints made by [Adams] involving her husband and a room-mate” suggested her day-to-day life was volatile, and that concern over such alleged volatility was actually at the heart of the denial.
But the New York Daily News reports that on April 8, 2016, the NYPD “relented and granted a handgun permit to” Adams. She then went into the John Jovino Gun Shop in Little Italy and bought a .50 caliber Desert Eagle that she plans to keep in her home for self-defense.
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