Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau defended his refugee policies as "a right thing to do"

Prime Minister Trudeau rejected the notion that accepting large numbers of Syrian refugees could be a gateway for terrorism as some suggest.
"We live in a world where there are always risks and the question is, how much do we want to live in fear of those risks? The best counter to the kind of radicalisation and marginalisation that we've seen in other parts of the world, is to create an inclusive society, where everyone, including and especially Muslim Canadians, have every opportunity to succeed just like anybody else," Trudeau said.
He also talked about benefits of accepting refugees as increasing diversity of the Canadian society.
"One of the great things about Canadian culture is that we figured out that it is done by addition. So, you take different flavours and prospectives and expreriences of the world, and you create something better than the some of its parts with it," Trudeau said.

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