38-year-old Pablo Lucio Vasquez accused of murdering have been put to death by lethal injection

Pablo Lucio Vasquez was put to death by lethal injection at the Texas state death chamber in Huntsville.

The 38-year-old was pronounced dead at 6.35pm local time , officials confirmed. Vasquez killed 12-year-old David Cardenas in the town of Donna in Texas in April 1998. 

On the night of the murder, Vasquez, then 20, attended a party with his 15-year-old cousin Andy Chapa and met the boy.

Afterwards, the three were walking home when when Vasquez - who was drunk and high on cocaine - picked up a pipe and hit David over the head, then cut his throat.

The cousins took David's body to a field, where they scalped him, cut off one of his arms and part of the other and removed the skin from his back.

During his trial, Vasquez said: “The devil was telling me to take [David's head] away from him.”

On a videotaped confession shown to the jury, he said: "One side of my head said, 'You did wrong'.

"The other side said, 'Keep doing it. Keep doing it'."'

Daily Mirror

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